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Amara West 2013: update from E13.16 – a strange and intriguing room…

Sarah Doherty working in room E13.16.2Sarah Doherty, Egyptologist and archaeologist, Cardiff University

A brief update on a rather strange room, which has yielded interesting finds, and into which I’ve been delving deeper this week.

Sarah Doherty and workman Miki Ali Hassan working in room E13.16.2

Sarah Doherty and workman Miki Ali Hassan working in room E13.16.2

A more solid clay floor has been revealed, together with a rectangular brick structure, probably used to support quern-stones for grinding.

Ovens, grinding emplacements and a mystery wall

Ovens, grinding emplacements and a mystery wall

Three ovens along the back wall, and a shallow pit full of ash and charcoal complete the picture: perhaps cereal processing, charcoal production and cooking all took place here?

In the last few days, a low brick wall has revealed itself – in the shape of a “?”. I thought initially that it was a low plastered basin attached to the grinding emplacement, but it seems to continue as far as the ovens.

What is going on?

Answers on the back of a postcard, or digital equivalent, please…

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