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Amara West 2015: 1000th find registered – an age-old technology

Hilary Stewart, archaeologist

Flint arrowhead F13676

Our 1,000th registered find this year, designated F13676, is a finely worked flint arrowhead (3.9cm long) from house D11.1, excavated by Sarah Hitchens. Flint objects are some of the most interesting to register because, like other stone tools, they’re quite tactile: it’s always fun to hold them and try to figure out how they were shaped and used – usually their purpose is more obscure than this one!

Flint was not a technology just for the Neolithic: blades and tools are commonly found in the New Kingdom houses at Amara West (and other sites in the Nile Valley and beyond). Some are still sharp, such as this blade with serrated edge from house D11.2.

Flint tool F13920

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