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Amara West 2015: dealing with the cold, New Kingdom-style

Mat Dalton, University of Cambridge

Building a hearth in the dig house
As part of my research into the thermal qualities of mud houses similar to those at Amara West, we are building a New Kingdom-style hearth in our dig house’s verandah, which we use as a living room. Here Johannes Auenmüller and I are starting to build with a mud mortar containing Nile silt, sand and donkey dung temper – similar to that used by local women to plaster their house floors.

Building a hearth in the dig house
The fire in the hearth is smoky at first, but once the charcoal is well alight becomes very hot with almost no smoke at all, heating the room noticeably (even though one side is open to the cold outdoors!).

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  1. Are those remnants of ‘straw’ or are those remnants of matches used to start the fire?

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