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Amara West 2015: the season approaches

Amara West, 23 March 2014
Neal Spencer, Keeper of Ancient Egypt and Sudan, British Museum

View over Amara West and Abri mountain, 23 March 2014

View over Amara West and Abri mountain, 23 March 2014

With a New Year upon us, we are closing in on the next season of research excavations at Amara West. I fly out to Khartoum Saturday, before heading 720km north to Amara West a few days later. Excavations will continue in the walled town, in the sprawl of the western suburb, and up in cemetery C – while projects on floor micromorphology, pigment technology, plant subsistence strategies will continue. A big component of the season will focus on community archaeology, and the fitting out of the visitor orientation area.

We’ve been thinking about how we might change the blog this year. It’ll probably feature shorter, picture-led, posts throughout the week, with a longer post once a week to present the main developments. We’ll retain the different voices – to try and capture the different perspectives of the 26 specialists who will take part in the 2015 season. Such an approach might change, depending on what happens during excavations!

One of the things we can’t do from Amara West, due to bandwidth challenges, is upload videos or sound files.
Here’s two short video sequences that capture two defining characteristics of any season at Amara: the sand and the daily boat commute – the sound of the wind is our near constant sound-track to excavations.

Wind stops work at Amara West, 25 February 2014

On the Nile, heading for Amara West, 10 January 2014

More soon – from Sudan!

Alongside regular updates on the blog, follow the season on Twitter: @NealSpencer_BM and #amarawest

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